The annual meeting is recognized as one of the most important benefits of network membership - it is essential that your company is represented and that you take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with fellow members, creating new partnerships & developing existing relationships that will be key to the growth & success of your business. Key to providing the personal service that sets the independent freight forwarder apart from the multi-nationals is knowing that all parties involved in handling a shipment are professional, capable and are totally focused on the needs of the client & their partners - the face-to-face meetings, and knowing by first name the people you are dealing with, is the only way to build the confidence necessary for members to commit their hard-earned business to another agent - and what could be more satisfying than ‘working with friends’!

And this year a new location & continent – Miami, the Magic City, in Florida, USA!   Many of you had indicated it was time to move our annual conference to a new location and during the past 6 years many of the non-Asian based members invested a huge amount of money on airfare and spent many hours on a plane to attend the events. We felt it fair to take this into consideration plus we feel it is also good to have a change in scenery every once in a while as a new location means new opportunities for all of us.  Also we took into account that a Regional Conference, organized by WCA,  was already planned  to be held from 27-30 June in Miami, and that WCA’s specialty networks were also arranging their meeting there – so 1 trip can encompass 2 separate conferences as well as access to the specialty team & members who will be meeting at the same time as us.

The meeting will focus on "One on One" sessions, our One-on-One Scheduler opening 3-4 weeks before the meeting to allow you to plan your campaign and make your appointments well in advance of your arrival at the conference.  However all activities, whether business or social, are aimed at promoting both member-to-member partnerships and developing our group identity & culture - we encourage delegates to make use of our exceptional hotel accommodation during the event to maximize the opportunities for interaction with our team, our service partners and, most importantly, Lognet Global members.

We look forward to meeting old friends & making new friends in Miami.